It all started when…

TJ Shafer walked into the woods for the first time. Growing up neither of his parents hunted. He spent holidays at his grandparent’s house playing with his cousins in the woods behind their house. It was in these woods he developed a love for the outdoors.

Years later TJ found himself wanting to hunt. Borrowing a 12 ga. shotgun from a friend he sat on the ground overlooking a highline right-of-way hoping for a whitetail deer to walk out. Nothing happened that day but this “time in the woods” did nothing but feed the fire of his love for the outdoors and hunting.

At forty years old, being a husband to Sara, a father to Abigail, Sydnie and Bella and working a regular job in the oil and gas industry, TJ wanted more of the outdoors. This brings us to the Huntcast. Starting as a weekly podcast and continuing to grow into a YouTube channel, the Huntcast brings people into the world of a regular guy, with a beautiful family, working a regular job and chasing the dream of spending more time pursuing the hunt for wild game.